Rebel Mouse

RebelMouse and flavors | Android

As a team member supporting and developing complex Android project with a few flavors. Every flavor is a separate application with unique design and features. Addition of flavor with specific feature set is vary fast and a client can get its mobile application very fast.

Code Sample

Popular Movies | Android

Udacity's Android nanodegree project that uses the latest Android features.

Unit Converter

Unit Converter | Android

Developed application with material design. Best Unit Converter is a handy tool for students, teachers, engineers, scientists and everyone who need to convert units in regular life. Application allows to transform measuring units in various categories: length, weight, area, energy, force, angle, power, pressure, temperature, time and volume. Easy and modern UI makes application usage simple and fast.

Security research

Security research | Android

Created an archieve of all existing Android malware, decompiled and analyzed its code. Classified all exploited vulnerabilities and developed internal application for testing LG's firmwares security.

Pocket Desk

Pocket Desk for JIRA | iOS

Developed mobile client for JIRA plugin. Application helps service desk team members to keep track of their most urgent task and the time left to address it. | iOS

iOS application for an old famous Russian company that collects tour offers from a large amount of travel agencies and gives user a handy and flexible search.


Нарды | Tizen

Backgammon game for Tizen OS. Web application.

Найди своё я

Найди своё я | iOS/PhoneGap

Adaptation of PhoneGap application for iOS. Rendering speed was improved. In-app purchases plugin was written.

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